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12th April 2012, 06:44
I have a file. Txt contains about 100 lines in the following form:
/ home/clairsang/Bureau/TPE/GoogleImage/0001.jpg
/ home/clairsang/Bureau/TPE/GoogleImage/0078.jpg
/ home/clairsang/Bureau/TPE/GoogleImage/0148.jpg

Now, I want to create a windows with one button, when pressed on this button pops up a new window, this window displays 100 images contained in the above file.

http://nk0.upanh.com/b4.s27.d2/c29e04c8acd8185b8f0d16e433376849_43310820.capture. png

Actually, I only want to show up, like in the photo above is ok.

Thanks for your answer.


12th April 2012, 07:36
We are not going to write an entire functioning program for you.

What documentation have you read? What have you tried? What Qt components look like they might be useful?

You could start with any of the Tutorials or Demos/Examples. A QListView or QListWidget in icon mode might be a good choice in a widget-based application.