View Full Version : QT Phonon on Linux

17th April 2012, 13:05
I developed a multimedia application in QT under Windows XP using Phonon.

But when I try to run it on Linux (Debian), I was given the error "No such file or directory" on the line that includes the phonon in the MainWindow.
In the file. pro ​​I obviously added QT + = phonon, it works perfectly under Windows.

I launched the program "Qt Configuration" and under the Phonon form tells me that GStreamer and Phonon are not available.

I am new to Linux, are not practical, and do not know what to do to install or to make visible to QT these packages. I tried to visit the website "http://phonon.kde.org" but I have not understand how to download something, and after downloading I do not know how to install it anyway.

Someone can give me a tip?