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18th April 2012, 09:51
Hello to all, I would have to create a written plan of business management in C++ of type client/server in which I have on the server a database (that I must still think well which to use: it must be free for my homely tests, in a position to managing large wharves of data if possible). The client all' start must carry out a Login on the server through net Ethernet TCP/IP so that the determined customer that he has been identified example can carry out sure operation with the exception of others (l' customer secretary can only use some leaves of the program, while l' customer project manager is qualified to use others still leaves).
You could give to me of the suggestions on like proceeding in order to implement a such mechanism of Login between client and server, being held present that is important the problem of the emergency (therefore impossibility to natch the password of the several customers)?
If then it could with to you generating also of the example code, creed is interesting for all to put it on hand as species of tutorial.
You can help me?