View Full Version : Memory Consumption (Qt with DirectX)

24th April 2012, 18:53
Just a question.

I have Qt application that uses a custom widget that uses functions in an external DLL to create and render a DirectX 11 device on the application. When I run the app I see in Task Manager that it uses from 17,000 K to 22,000 K. Isn't this a bit high for an app that doesn't really do anything besides render UI and a d3d device?

The memory starts at 17,000 K, when I maximize it, it grows to 22,000 K but it never goes back to 17,000 K, even if I restore/minimize.

It also uses more memory if I show a dialog but the memory stays even after I hide the dialog. How can I destroy it and release the memory?

25th April 2012, 01:39
That figure is the "working set" and measures the memory that has been "recently" used. This is not the same thing as "currently in use". When you use C++ delete the memory is immediately released for reuse, but the memory typically remains in your working set for some OS-defined period on the assumption that your program will request more memory allocations in the near future.