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25th April 2012, 18:44

I've been trying to install glc_lib on linux which is a library that provides support for Qt's OpenGl capabilities. What seems to be happening is that I'm not linking the libaries correctly so when I use qmake, then make I get errors saying all the Q functions like QString, QFile, etc have not been defined.

The errors I get are all very similar to
3rdparty/quazip/quazipfileinfo.h: 36:22:error: QByteArray: No such file or directory

What I have been doing is editing the .pro file at this section, at the end

# Linux and macx install configuration
unix {
# Location of HEADERS and library
LIB_DIR = /usr/local/lib
INCLUDE_DIR = /usr/local/include
# Adds a -P to preserve link
include.path = $${INCLUDE_DIR}/GLC_lib
include_lib3ds.path = $${INCLUDE_DIR}/GLC_lib/3rdparty/lib3ds
include_glext.path = $${INCLUDE_DIR}/GLC_lib/3rdparty/glext
include_quazip.path = $${INCLUDE_DIR}/GLC_lib/3rdparty/quazip
include_glc_maths.path = $${INCLUDE_DIR}/GLC_lib/maths
include_glc_io.path = $${INCLUDE_DIR}/GLC_lib/io
include_glc_scengraph.path = $${INCLUDE_DIR}/GLC_lib/sceneGraph
include_glc_geometry.path = $${INCLUDE_DIR}/GLC_lib/geometry
include_glc_shading.path = $${INCLUDE_DIR}/GLC_lib/shading
include_glc_viewport.path = $${INCLUDE_DIR}/GLC_lib/viewport
include_glc_3dwidget.path = $${INCLUDE_DIR}/GLC_lib/3DWidget

Where I replace
LIB_DIR = /usr/local/lib
INCLUDE_DIR = /usr/local/include


LIB_DIR = /home/Alex/qtsdk-2010.02/qt/lib
INCLUDE_DIR = /home/Alex/qtsdk-2010.02/qt/include

I've also tried moving the folder I'm installing from to /home/Alex/qtsdk-2010.02/qt/ and just use /usr/local/qtsdk-2010.02/qt/ as the path
As for my version, I am using QT Creator 1.3.1 Based on Qt 4.6.2 (32-bit)

I appreciate any help you can offer.