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30th April 2012, 17:52
Hello, I am looking for a library to allow me to graph using multiple Y axis, similar to http://www.tecplot.com/Portals/0/images/showcase/plot-gallery/xy/tecplot_xy_multi_axis.gif

Qwt is not an option, as obviously they don't support it, and the user patch to add this feature is not planned on being integrated into the library itself any time soon. Does anyone know of any library that allows this? I wrote my own, but I don't like how it looks so I'd really like to find one that is already completed :)

30th April 2012, 19:11
Why couldn't you use a QwtPlot within a horizontal layout, and add your extra y-axes (using QwtScaleWidget) in additional vertical panes of the layout? Obviously, you would need to add some external synchronization for zooming, etc., and you would have to map the y-scaling of data corresponding to the additional axes to that of the primary y-axis, but that would not be so hard.

I do not know of any other library that is as comprehensive as Qwt, unless you go into Python and use Matplotlib embedded in a Qt widget. I think it would be easier to hack something up as described above.

1st May 2012, 17:50
What's wrong with using not official patch?