View Full Version : QT MenuBar operation different in Windows vs OSX

30th April 2012, 19:08
I am porting my QT app SW from Windows to OSX version and have run into an interesting issue. I have a Menu bar with 5 items in it (File, Advanced, E-Mail, Twitter, Help) and they all show up and work nicely under windows. However, under OSX the Twitter menu item is being put under "Prefrences". I am seeing other similar behavior in sub menubar items like "about" which is also moved.

I coded this using the IDE. Looking that the QT IDE, the E-Mail and Twitter are identical. THe only differences are the name and the action.

To me this looks like QT is trying to map key operation to the correct "OSX" place to make it match the "OSX" style and that Twitter for some reason hit one of the mappings. Can anyone tell me how to stop QT from re-arranging this?