View Full Version : FREELANCE - Pop3 / Imap Qt C++ application

23rd May 2012, 18:20
Application Details:
should support pop3/imap with ssl

Server Combo Box (Hotmail(POP3)/Gmail(IMAP))
Label: Username + TextEdit
Label: Password + TextEdit

Start Button

when start is clicked connect to said server and go into inbox get the list of messages and then get the FROM email addresses Ask user to save or skip address if user saves append that address to a file with NAME : EMAIL when done go to SENT folder and get the TO email addresses and ask the user to either save or skip..

if application is run again skip all the emails in the list and just get the new ones


have paypal or money transfer quick cash to someone who can pump this out quick

send me your bids + contact information need this done ASAP