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6th June 2012, 17:36
Hi, looking for somebody to have a go at this one for me. Pay negotiable, would have to include requirements capture, architecture and implementation.
Let me know your thoughts about this project prior to quoting (timescale, how extensive you think it would be, etc).

Import/Export Microsoft docx file.

Exporter starts from multiple QTextDocument objects and creates a single docx document with each QTextDocument object representing a text section with section number and title and section content. Create table of contents from data structure, bibliography from data structure. Export images too. Must support QTextCharFormat, QTextImageFormat and QTextTableCellFormat and map onto corresponding docx data. Precise requirements to be worked out during requirements capture.

Importer starts from exported docx document, thus being able to reverse the process if user has made changes to the document in Word.

Requirements and architecture are seperate deliverables. Source code needs to be well documented.

8th June 2012, 11:42
is this too complicated? too open ended?

8th June 2012, 20:43
It's very complicated and not many people have real first-hand experience with doing anything complex with QTextDocument.