View Full Version : Getting system information

15th June 2012, 07:42
How to know whether the user's system is win 7 32 bits or 64 bits ...

15th June 2012, 08:48
The QSysInfo class will get you what operating system you are on (mostly: cannot tell Win 7 from 2008 R2) otherwise you'll need to use Win API calls GetVersionEx() or VerifyVersionInfo().

The Windows API calls IsWow64Process() and GetNativeSystemInfo() also look promising. IsWow64Process() is true for 32-bit programs on 64-bit systems. GetNativeSystemInfo() will return PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_AMD64 for most 64-bit systems, and PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL for 32-bit systems. As I understand it, both functions are available on Win XP SP2+.