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17th June 2012, 17:20
Hey Guys

My problem has to do with communicating with a HID device more specifically a PIC18F. I have a Visual studio project in windows that works perfectly using the HID class.dll . However need this software to work on linux debian6 since I'll be running it of my Raspberry PI.

So I tried adding the HID class.dll file provide by microchip to the Qt GUI I coded and received some obscure errors. SO after searching I came across libusb.h which is a C library (http://www.libusb.org/) .

OK so far I have added the library to my Qt code it compiles and I am figuring out how to detect a connected HID device.

My question is simple is this the right library(libusb.h) to use? Should I expect problems because its a C library and not a C++ one. Or is something else I should look at.

In the event you need either my Windoes(Gui working) or linux(Gui Shell only) Code then i'll be glad to post it.

Thanks Overklog

17th June 2012, 18:35
Yes, libusb is the right way to go. Unless you can find some more high-level solution, of course.