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19th June 2012, 13:26
Good morning,

I downloaded the QJSON page

QJSON (http://sourceforge.net/projects/qjson/files/)

Untarred and made as mandated by the tutorial. I used the Qmake.
I opened the console "Qt 4.8.1 for Desktop (MinGW)."

Then open the folder with the command QJSON

cd qjson


qmake -project src

after that it creates me file qjson.pro

After the tutorial says to run the make command but the command is not known.


What is the problem?


19th June 2012, 13:33
Why did your run qmake -project src?

BTW. Instead of make use mingw32-make.

19th June 2012, 13:45
I'm following the tutorial.

How to do it this way?


19th June 2012, 14:02
How to do it this way?
You press the following keys on your keyboard: m, i, n, g, w, 3, 2, -, m, a, k, e, <return>/<enter>.

19th June 2012, 15:11
It does not work. is the image below with the error.


Thank you for your patience

19th June 2012, 15:39
Read my post again.

19th June 2012, 15:47
I put as you said. in the image.

19th June 2012, 20:59
No, you didn't. I told you to use mingw32-make instead of make. That's not what you did. Have you ever built any project written with Qt?

19th June 2012, 22:27
But I did the first qmake and then the ming32-make like you said and does not work as you can see in the picture.

19th June 2012, 22:41
No, I can see you entered "mingw32-make qjson.pro".

Have you ever built any Qt project before?

20th June 2012, 00:10
above that he did "mingw32-make" on its own.

I never use make so dunno if that should work in that location anyway.

20th June 2012, 00:11
above that he did "mingw32-make" on its own.
Instead of "qmake"? :)

20th June 2012, 02:50
Look, I downloaded again and the file. "Pro" does not exist.

I run the command "mingw32-make" and how you see does not work.


20th June 2012, 10:25
Ok, let's get this straight... You are following some tutorial instead of just reading the instructions from the INSTALL file and following them. That's your choice but basically if you do that, you should complain to the author of the tutorial that you can't get this to work. Instead you come here and do everything to show us that you have completely no idea how to build any Qt project. Even if you finally manage to do so, I don't see how you intend to use that library, as I'm sure you have no idea how to do that as well. Then, the tutorial tells you to run "qmake -project src" and then run "make". You said you can't run make because there is no such command. I told you to replace make with mingw32-make, effectively changing the tutorial to "qmake -project src" and then running "mingw32-make". From what I see you have tried many combinations but not the one from the tutorial (which will not work anyway because it's missing one step (calling sole qmake between qmake -project and make) that is probably explained in the tutorial as well and you just skipped it). What do you expect us to do now? Go to your place and type the correct sequence on the keyboard for you?

If you want to be a programmer then please spend some time on learning how to be one. Otherwise just switch occupations and become say.. a gardener. However you'll still need to put some effort to become one.

20th June 2012, 15:53

I'm doing all the steps as you can see and does not work.
Soon he could not have come here asking for help to the forum.
I've read everything I had to read and I can not.

20th June 2012, 16:33