View Full Version : Creating a setup wizard in GUI application

19th June 2012, 19:25
I'm going to create some wizard (made of way windows like windows setup: when user press next button the next windows appears). When wizard ends, It launches the MainWindow app.

I'm sure it is possible to get this kind of behavious by many ways. Is is good idea to use a few QtDesigner GUIs in one app?

19th June 2012, 19:35
yes, you can start your app with a wizard, no problem.

Why anyone would want to force a user to go through multiple dialogs before getting to the app is another issue - I know I would not like it!

19th June 2012, 22:27
Well, sometimes it's necessary for example to register user like Skype (and exchange some data with server). Personally, I also don't like it.

Can I create each dialog using QtCreator form XML file?

20th June 2012, 00:12
oh, so it's just a first-time configuration? That's fair enough.

Do you mean qt designer ui/xml files? Yes you can do that, and then link them with QWizard/qwizardpage, I think.

20th June 2012, 14:18
Thank you. These classes seem to have all what I need.