View Full Version : how to develop the HTML5 application(web application) by using Qt

20th June 2012, 10:10
Hi Friends,

i wanted to develop the HTML5 application(web application) like tic-tac-toe game using Qt....

I am planning to design the UI in QML or Qt and the business logic will be in Standard Qt C++.

can any one please help me out how to develop the HTML5 web application using the above combination....(i.e) final output what i wanted is *.html instead of *.exe

i can able to create the simple html5 application by using Qt Creator... but what i wanted is how i can create the UI using QML/Qt Widgets and business logic will be written in Qt C++... and combine all of them to get the *.html output?)

anyone please help me how i can able to fix this?

Thanks & Regards,

20th June 2012, 23:43
HTML5 is a markup language and you want to somehow convert a compiled C++ executable into that. You cannot.