View Full Version : slow video streaming

21st June 2012, 07:56
i want to play video by phonon

i did it but video plays very slow and it takes long time to run .exe file?
and also music of video plays very bad and slow?
any idea?
is it for my pc? for my program? or for phonon?
is a better way to play video in qt?
if you need my code please tell me?

21st June 2012, 13:43
May be it is due to your slow internet speed. Or have you tried using vlc media player. If vlc is playing fine then may be it is possible that your network connection is restricting your application to use that much amount of bandwidth.

22nd June 2012, 08:40
No !
My program is offline and i want to play a video from hard drive!@
Please help me@:confused:

22nd June 2012, 09:41
You're using phonon right. You can also use gstreamer (www.gstreamer.net/). But if using phonon it is not that much efficient, than their is some problems either with the video, or with the phonon backend api. Why dont you try with gstreamer??? But i think it is only for linux.