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28th June 2012, 15:44
hi!, i am tryng to develop custom notifications windows(or Dialog) in windows Mobile 6.5 when someone press a key, intercepting the original windows and showing mine. My question is how do i do that using Qt? Not exactly how to do it, some Tips or General Guides will be well recevied
Os windows Mobile 6.5
Qt 4.6
Thx in advance

28th June 2012, 15:55
Things like that are done the other way around.
You tell us what you tried, and where you have problems, we try to help you with that.
For general guide lines you have the docs.

28th June 2012, 16:54
1.- Interceppting the Volume Key:
First Attemp:
using RegisterHotKey();
But the class where is have to be done this doesnt have the Hwnd, is QtObject derived.
QWidgetList list = QApplication::topLevelWidgets();
to get the widget that is in top and get the handle to that window
HWND hwnd=widget->effectiveWinId();
previously assing the widget that is visible on top
then trynng to catch WM_HOTKEY and then hidding the dialog from the top using EnumWindows; but i fail also tryng to get the dialog from system volume

tryng to assing a random hwnd value to intercept that value in the GetMessage() containner loop, but i dont success it.

I use that function (win32 ) in the constuctor of the main containner class but

28th June 2012, 20:19
first of all i need a hook keyboard:
this links is what a i am tryng now: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/12154/Keyboard-hooks-in-WinCE i am studyng and adapting this article to my needs. Second:
I need to customized the system notification (Volume Control):
I wil apply this approach. http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/11487/Windows-Mobile-Remove-the-Backup-Battery-Very-Low
Well i will inform the result

29th June 2012, 12:22
Why do you need a window id when a volume hot key is pressed?
This key is not bound to any windows, is it?