View Full Version : QList Exception/Crash After Only Change of Compiler

28th June 2012, 16:41
Hi all,

I've firstly compiled our project with MinGW (Qt version 4.8.0). There has been no problem. Then I've configured Qt Creator to be used MSVC compiler (Qt version 4.8.2). Now the project runs successfully but the following exception has been thrown in qlist.h when I clicked a button that creates a list.

"The inferior stopped because it triggered an exception."

But this exception has not been thrown with the project compiled by MinGW. Is it a known problem of Qt Creator? How can this exception create when I only change the compiler?

Thanks a lot for your helps and explanations,

28th June 2012, 16:49
Qt Creator is a text editor. It doesn't cause exceptions in your programs. The code of your program, on the other hand, does cause that.

28th June 2012, 20:22
If you build Qt libs with mingw, you cannot make the rest of your app with a microsoft compiler...