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28th June 2012, 22:10
I am looking for an experienced freelance Qt developer to help develop a desktop application for drawing electronic schematics (something like this sort of thing http://www.diptrace.com/). I want to make this application native snappy and cross platform (hence the interest in Qt & C++). I am an 15+year experienced C++ developer myself and also have good experience in product management and system architecture too. I have very specific requirements for this project which I can define and document but what I don't have is either massive amounts of free time, or any Qt skills (or time to learn what I would need) to get things started.

I am looking for someone that can help build a good starting point in the form of the development/creation of a well organised, structured and comprehensively commented/documented desktop UI application that builds from the same source code on Windows, OSX and Linux targets with certain foundation features and functional examples. This could also turn into a longer-term gig should we make progress and we are able to work well together. I am happy to work with someone virtually using Skype etc but would prefer someone in the UK who has good spoken/written communication skills. I wan't someone with good, demonstrable expertise that I can reference independently, I am not in a position to pay someone while they learn on the job, I need someone that knows how to build Qt applications, knows all the tricks and traps. I would like someone who is a self-starter and has initiative to get the job done, a remote pair of hands is not enough for what I need. I am flexible with timeframes (within reason) and working times etc, I would also be happy for the right person to take this on as an extra curricula job outside of their day job should that suit. I am open and up front, I would look for someone who is the same, and yes I know I am asking for a lot.

Skills required (1 working knowledge, 5 expert)

Qt 4 (5)
C++ (4)
STL (5)
Boost (1-2) optional
Windows Build Target (2+)
Linux Build Target (4+)
MAC Build Target (4+)

If this is of interest to anyone that fits the above description I would really love to hear from you.



29th June 2012, 02:13
I'm interested in your opening. Unfortunately, you've not specified your email, so I'm writing here directly. Based on your skill list I'd say:
Qt4 (5)
C++(5, but if you don't mean C++11, obviously :) )
Please tell if I fit and how do we get in touch in case I do.

29th June 2012, 14:23
I have PM'd you, thanks

13th July 2012, 13:09
Hi Gerry I think you're already in touch with me I am Sujan please do write mails to me or call me at +91-9900839788