View Full Version : Cant make assistant display page using -showUrl

29th June 2012, 17:54
I'm obviously doing something very wrong here!!! I run assistant using the command

assistant -collectionFile /home/philp/Documents/QT4.7/help/helpDoc/simpletextviewer.qhc -showUrl /home/philp/Documents/QT4.7/help/helpDoc/index.html

Prevoiusly I had run the command

qcollectiongenerator simpletextviewer.qhcp -o simpletextviewer.qhc

When I ran assistant it comes up, but does not display the page it gives the error

The page could not be found

If I bring up firefox and go to that url it displays the page with no problem.

Its probably something to do with my simpletextviewer.qhp file?? Any ideas please