View Full Version : Possible bug with QtCore::QPropertyAnimation and QAxContainer::QAxWidget

30th June 2012, 13:04
I think that I found a bug in Qt. Unfortunately, I use PyQt and I would like someone to help me and try to reproduce the bug in C++, as the PyQt Dev Team claims the error is in the Qt framework itself.

There is a possible bug when trying to use QAxContainer::QAxWidget, QtGui::QGraphicsOpacityEffect and QtCore::QPropertyAnimation in the same application.

This happens when trying to animate a widget's opacity (creating a "fade out" effect).
The animation won't update correctly if a QAxWidget is present somewhere in the same window.
The bug can be seen here: http://itayb.hostzi.com/eventloop_doesnt_update.avi

Here is the PyQt test case, which can be easily converted to C++: http://www.mail-archive.com/pyqt%40riverbankcomputing.com/msg25971/animation_test_case.py

Can anyone help me?