View Full Version : qpixmap.save() returns false

30th June 2012, 13:54

When i try to save the pixmap it returns false.

1) I checked the pixmap.isNull but it returns false -> pixmap is not null.
2) cross check with pixmap.size also returns valid qsize value.
3) I checked the directory premissions, they are fine too. still i made a system call before save and set the newly created file permissions to 777 via chmod.
(Also I run app as root).

4) Docs do not indicate anything more. :(

Please help.

30th June 2012, 14:52
When there are problems with a program's code, mostly you should show the _code_. The problems can be simple and subtle, like a path with non-escaped backslashes.

1st July 2012, 12:06
Try saving your pixmap as PNG. Does it work?

2nd July 2012, 08:10
Hey thanks. I got it working. The problem was with the permissions indeed. I had made the system call for changing the permissions before opening the file (one of the side effects of programming on late saturday evening ;) and not checking prints :o ).