View Full Version : QHttp get delay request

9th July 2012, 22:13
I've got a problem with a little launcher using QHttp to read a status.php and perform a GET checkupdate.php?ver=%1 and with those actions the launcher gets the status and update number. But now that the webhost QHttp connects to is using DDoS protection which waits 5 seconds to let you through the requests are not getting the correct data. Is there a way to insert a delay between the connection and the actual data request?

10th July 2012, 02:02
Denial of service and anti-leaching defences are likely to limit the total number of connections and the connection rate. They are very unlikely to expect a delay between the establishment of a TCP connection to a HTTP port and the receipt of a GET request because that would break every browser on the planet. I suggest you reconsider what you are trying to do, what you are asking, and why you are using the deprecated QHttp class in the first place.