View Full Version : QToolbar with selection indicator in the tabs

11th July 2012, 14:34
Hello all

I've been looking at the QT documents and searched the net for an hint on how to do this, but couldn't find anything. I have a QToolBox with several widgets in it. Basically I want to make the selection more clear by having a "v" (so some kind of down arrow) indication at the right side of the text for the tabs that are not selected. Is this possible by default (if so, how?) or should I subclass QToolBox?

12th July 2012, 21:16
Are you sure you're speaking about QToolBar?

13th July 2012, 10:20
You are right of course, I meant QToolBox. I guess that happens when you post a question when working on a different part of the application. Sorry about causing the confusion.