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12th July 2012, 17:57

I thought the announcement of Jolla is the big surprise this year. But I was wrong: http://qtconference.ics.com!

Huh, what??? And then that: http://qtconference.ics.com/blog/qt-developer-conference. No DevDays or only delayed? Two events? Oh my goodness. The Qt world goes crazy. I am stretched to breaking point on what comes next.

But it is nice to see that in case there are some companies which will take the Nokia part. Thanks.

15th July 2012, 11:02
Hey, and it's just half of the year. Still over 5 months left for more surprises ;) Let's hope we will be pleasantly surprised.

26th July 2012, 09:01

12th August 2012, 15:41
Hey, and it's just half of the year.You were so right. Damn, what times. Nokia -> Digia and the conference by ICS and KDAB. Wow, and still some month to go :-)