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16th August 2012, 14:34

I have the following case;

I have a url like "foouser@tt.com". When I want to load this url using QWebView, it doesn't load the page since it couldn't load the url.

If I percent encode the url above I send "foouser%40tt.com" to the load function but it converts it to "foouser%2540tt.com" which results as failure again.

But if ı copy-paste the link "foouser%40tt.com" to the browser, it shows the page as expected.

Is there any way to prevent load function to do precent encoding? Or any other ideas?

16th August 2012, 19:52
Have you tried adding http:// in front of the url? I had no problem using
webView->load(QUrl("http://foouser@tt.com")); without escaping the "at" sing.