View Full Version : memory leak tool for windows 7.....not using visual stdio

19th August 2012, 04:47
hi..i am new to QT we are developing the application on windows 7 ,64 bit plateform.....i want to use the memory leak tool for it....thhe default option in QT are for QML and valgrind for linux .....so please tell me how to use the memory leak tool for the application......is there is valgrind tool for windows also???/if yes then please tell me from where to download beacuse i am not able to find it.......i try to download drmemory tool but it is only applicable for windows 32 bit......

19th August 2012, 18:20
hmmm, how could you solve this on your own? (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=windows%20memory%20profiler#)

20th August 2012, 19:12
actually i have given the memory to 10 classes(dialogs) by new operator in the main....when i process the 9 classes there is no error they are working properly but in the particular 1 class there is the run time crash.so for this i want to use the memroy leak tool

20th August 2012, 19:24
I say you should first try with the debugger, a memory leak is unlikely to crash your application, that is most likely caused by other pointers mistakes (use uninitialized, double delete, use after delete, read/write over c array bounds, etc) and for those you can start with a debugger.

Some profilers also provide code analysis and those may find some common pointer mistakes, so i guess that you most likely need a more complete profiler (if you can't find the bug with a debugger).