View Full Version : QT program with database support without having to fully install database app.

20th August 2012, 21:08
Greetings everyone, I have been developing an aplication on QT that use a postgres database to store data, everything works fine, the only issue is that I had to install the whole postgres suite on every station, ¿is there anyway to avoid this?, I have seen other programs that only copy the data folder, ¿is this posible with QT and Posgres?,
I'm using the psql driver.

Thanks in advance.

24th August 2012, 04:16
is there anyway to avoid this?
As a developer you need much of the database software API in order to build the Qt plugin. Thereafter you should need only the client library.

As a deployed client you typically need only the client library. Some vendors provide a convenient client-only installer but I don't think that's the case for PostgreSQL. For PostgreSQL (Windows) you should just be able to deploy libpq.dll with your application.

27th August 2012, 04:27
Thanks for the reply.
I had readed on another forum that postgres could not be embebed http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/FAQ#Can_PostgreSQL_be_embedded.3F I will try your sugestion anyway and post the results.