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3rd September 2012, 04:10
hello guys.
I have some question about qmdisubwindow.

I have to make subwindow with custom titlebar.

actually, I have made mainwindow with custom titlebar and frame.
so I think I can make subwindow same way.

But, mainwindow and qmdisubwindow is not operate same way.
when I made custom mainwindow using


I can't resize mainwindow, so I add some code for resizing.
and using


at the qmdisubwindow,
I can resize subwindow.

unfortunately, provided policy is not I want.
So I want to add my own code for resize like mainwindow.
for that, I remove provided resize function of subwindow.

any hint? please help!

Added after 20 minutes:

A minute age, I saw the other mdiarea example.
and there's subwindow operate correctly, so I miss the other site..
I'm so confused.. :confused:
anyway sorry!
you just pass this question!

================================================== ====================================
It's my mistake that I think sub window is non-resizable.
If I double-click the widget, I can resize the widget.
so, I use code this :


but If I double-click the widget, mouse-cursor shape is still changed.
I want cursor shape will not changed too.
any help?? please...

3rd September 2012, 08:05
I want to konw the method that qmdisubwindow to be operate like mainwindow using code setWindowFlags(Qt::FramelessWindowHint);