View Full Version : focusChanged & showFullScreen problem

4th September 2012, 18:33
I've been having a problem with the focusChanged signal.
I'm trying to run two QT applications at the same time on two monitors (but one X screen).

Program A runs non-fullscreen on monitor 1.
Program B runs fullscreen on monitor 2.

Everything was working fine untill I tried to use focusChanged on program A.

If program B is running fullscreen, the focusChanged signal is never fired in program A.
If program B is running non-fullscreen, the focusChanged signal in program A works as it should.

Is there a way to run program B fullscreen and still recieve focusChanged signals in program A?
Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Added after 1 53 minutes:

Well, I found a work arround. If I use FramelessWindowHint and showMaximized() in program B I get the same effect as showFullScreen() and I get focusChanged signals in program A.