View Full Version : Simulate web form submit and get return data

6th September 2012, 15:27
Hi all

I'm not very expert in QT capabilities and I would have a suggestion regarding the best way to follow for get my result.

I would like to make a software able to connect to a web site showing a form for an online data search (for example a web site like Expedia for flights search). My software should to simulate/create a submit form request (by filling in the right way the form fields required) and get the returned html page generate as a result of the search. Once have the page I'll parse them as XML and get the data I need.

Based to your experience what is the best QT technology to make such operation I should use?

Thank you

7th September 2012, 02:38
Here is my suggestions:

Use QWebView when possible to simplify your task, or
You can also use QNetworkAccessManager, for example when implements web service client.

8th September 2012, 08:12
The most basic approach is QWebPage and QWebFrame::evaluateJavascript() (for simulating clicks).