View Full Version : Round Scrolling of List Items in QListWidget

17th September 2012, 12:44

I am Using List Widget for showing six list items out of which 3 items will be displayed to user at a time. in this code no scrollbar should be shown to user. it will be hidden in this case. so when i set first item it will be shown to user in center of listwidget view area means 6th item,1st item,2nd item. and if i press right button to scroll then next case is 1st item,2nditem,3rd item ... in this manner it will go on... i have to use round scrolling in this case ... so can anyone explain how to implement this.

thanks in advance

29th August 2016, 08:02
Please reply if anyone have any solution.

29th August 2016, 10:52
You can always scroll manually by changing the value of the respective scrollbar.
It doesn't matter whether it is shown or hidden at that point.