View Full Version : Is there a way to change the camera output mode when streaming webcam video

19th September 2012, 13:45
The webcam i use supports multiple output modes such as RGB3, YU12, MJPG. I was trying to find a way to switch betweeen these modes but so far i have been unable to find a way to do it.

I use QtMobility 1.2 components for streaming the video (QCamera, QVideoWidget, etc).

Abit of backstory why i need to do this, i have a working software that streams webcam video and takes pictures, after updating to ubuntu 12 i started to notice some quite odd issues with the image quality. At the moment with ubuntu 12 the red and green color cause some really odd compression artefacts. After toying around with other programs such as guvcview i noticed that changing the output mode from MJPG to something else fixes this issue. Because the code is working perfectly with ubuntu 10.04 i assume the problem is with some library that got updated along with ubuntu and not with my code. If anyone has any ideas how to change the output mode or fix this issue in some other way i would greatly appreciate the help.