View Full Version : Adding QAxWidget Plugin to Qt creator 2.5.2

19th October 2012, 15:58

First time here and haven't found this answered anywhere. Perhaps this should be listed in the Qt Programming Forum. I have noticed significant differences using the designer as part of Qt Creator 2.5.2 versus designer as part of build 4.8.3. Two major points are:

I can't add widgets to a form the same way using designer as part of Qt Creator versus 4.8.3 designer. For instance, I create a Wizard with the two default pages using creator's designer. I can drop controls, indicators etc anywhere and do the layout without issue. If I create a Wizard form with the two default wizard pages in designer 4.8.3, I can't place ANY widgets (controls, indicators) on the wizard page itself. I can ONLY place it on the Object Inspector tree. Why is that?

Second - and this is the subject of the post - I can see the plug in QAxWidget as a Container Widget on the Widget box. In Qt Creator, that is not visible. Can that widget be somehow added to the list of plug-ins for Qt Creator?

Thanks a lot for any help.