View Full Version : Providing web access to a displayed GUI

30th October 2012, 06:53
Hi I am prototyping a control and monitoring application using Qt and a RPi. I have made progress on starting to learn PyQt for the local machine and have got the basics working BUT on looking through the threads I got the impression that remote viewing and control was not possible with Qt. Is this correct?

The plan was to use the local RPi and PyQt to run the control loops and to present information on the status of the system to the GUI. This monitoring information then would also be made accessable via the web to allow remote viewing of the system status. So I was assuming that I could export the GUI images pages (or something similar) to a web server.

So I am looking for guidance if networked access is practical with Qt as my experience of SW is limited.


30th October 2012, 09:42
I don't think exporting images is a good idea. Why don't you use VNC or just start your app in a way that it exports its display to a remote X server?

An alternative would be to provide an implementation of QPA (Qt Platform Abstraction) that would export the GUI to a remote location (but that's a bit of lowlevel programming).

2nd November 2012, 14:27
Thanks for the help, I have x11vnc up and running on the RPi and VNC viewer on the laptop. This combination mimics the RPi display and keyboard, tightvncserver on the RPi gave me a link but the remote actions were not visible on the RPi display OK for a headless system but not what I wanted. Tightvncserver also seem more memory hungery. Qt now is remotely accessable.