View Full Version : QTableView contents change when QDialog is executed

5th November 2012, 04:02
I'm having an strange (I think is strange), my app has a QTableView whit a lot f rows, when a row is double clicked (row contains zip files), a QDialog opens and shows the zip file contentes in a QTableWidget. All seems work well, but while the QDialog is open, the app's QTableView's icons are hidden, some column's text dissapear.... when the QDialog is closed, all is ok again, the icons are visible again, the text came back....

Any idea of what could be the reason?

Thanks and sorry if there is not code posted, the QTableView is involved in a lot of code.

Sorry for my english.

5th November 2012, 12:56
Is there a parent set for the QDialog?

5th November 2012, 15:51
Ok, i've foun the problem, a temporally QDir::setCurren() was buggin the path :)