View Full Version : error : ?nextNode@QHashData@@SAPAUNode@1@PAU21@@Z could not be located in the dynamic

11th November 2012, 12:02
why error : ?nextNode@QHashData@@SAPAUNode@1@PAU21@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library QtCore?4.dll this happen?

I put my .exe file and all of the needed dll in a folder. when I run, I face with this error…
Os: win7 64

11th November 2012, 12:34
Most likely you copied the wrong dll (one built with another compiler) - there are (at least) two dll's in the SDK, one of the framework build with MinGW compiler (most likely this is what you are after) and another one that is used by Creator/Designer/other tools that as far as i know is built with Visual Studio. The dll's you need are usually in PATH_TO_SDK\qt\bin folder and the other ones (used by Qt tools) are in PATH_TO_SDK\bin... but this depends on what you installed... if you can't find the right dll's tell us what you installed and maybe we can help. //this is valid for the rest of Qt's dll's too (gui, xml, etc)