View Full Version : Qwt 6.1-rc1

4th January 2013, 15:10
The first release candidate (https://sourceforge.net/projects/qwt/files/qwt-beta/6.1.0-rc1) of Qwt 6.1 is available.

Qwt 6.1 is intended to be compatible with Qt >= 4.4 ( including Qt 5 ) and offers a lot of new features (http://qwt.sourceforge.net/6.1/qwtchangelog.html).

There will be a window of 2-3 weeks for user feedback. Please use it for reporting bugs or commenting design issues of the new classes.


PS: if someone is interested in helping on binary packages for Windows please contact me per email

5th January 2013, 20:11
Thanks, That's a good news Uwe, Hope multiaxis and docs will be ready soon ;)

6th January 2013, 11:00
I will build a special branch, with the functionality of the multi axes patch, when Qwt 6.1 final is available.
Having this feature in the official branch is not planned before Qwt 7.x.