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6th January 2013, 00:35

When I use SandBoxing in XCode 4.5 I get the following error on both Debug and Release "schemes":

Failed to load platform plugin "cocoa". Available platforms are:

...and the app just hangs.

qDebug() << QApplication::libraryPaths(); returns:
("/Volumes/Misc/Qt/Qt5.0.0/5.0.0/clang_64/plugins") i.e. I have installed the LGPL Qt5.0 on an external HD (if that matters).

I have tried relinking the binaries to a Framework folder within the app folder - no luck (I get a kill:9).

When I remove the SandBoxing in XCode all works fine. But we do need SandBoxing for the App Store, right?

This has probably nothing to do with the recently fixed bug of that sort that caused such a problem on Debug builds only.

My app does not exit after the error it just hangs and nothing shows up.

What am I doing wrong? It is the simplest test app with a window and a toolbar.

Please help!
Thank you!

6th January 2013, 23:29

Basically before QApplication init I called QApplication::setLibraryPaths to point to the correct Plugins directory in the bundle.


SandBoxing is a nightmare.