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17th January 2013, 10:34

need some advice about the issue , here is the story
I have ipcam and sample app(show stream/video from ipcam)
I want to porting sample application(in C language) or create new (if posible) in Qt platform.

here is what happen in sample apps:
sample apps using libavcodec and libXv(in gtk gui) to display.
1. data raw from ipcam receive using socket connection (TCP) and put in video buffer.
2. data in video buffer then decode using (CODEC_ID_H264) with "avcodec_decode_video2()" function.
3. and then decoded data, process using Xvlib (xv_create_ximage (gui, MAX_IMAGE_WIDTH, MAX_IMAGE_HEIGHT, FMT_VIDEO_YUV420P)) and show to diplay by XvPutImage().

that the story and here what I already done :
1. port some part to Qt but the problem is when it's come to Xvlib,
question : can someone give me some advice how to do in Qt, to link Qt with Xvid lib to display the movie?
2. I try using phonon but still have error when try to play raw data video in phonon
maybe some is missing, can someone give me advice , did phonon can play from raw buffer? if I try play using movie file (avi/mp4) it's running ok.
3. did I need to format/convert first the raw data so it's can be play by phonon?
4. maybe can give me what is best way to do in Qt ,so I can play/stream data video from ipcam in Qt apps?


17th January 2013, 14:25
If you can use Qt5 then I suggest you just use the QtMultimedia module. If you can't use Qt5 but can use Qt4 then I suggest you use QtMultimediaKit from QtMobility.

18th January 2013, 08:00
Hi wysota,

thanks for reply, ok I will try your suggestion first I will back after try some