View Full Version : Compiling for Mac: static or bundling-up ??

18th January 2013, 09:50

I'm new to Mac but I have OS X 10.6 and I need to compile my application (created on Linux) for Mac so that another Mac with the same OS could immediately use it. Internet is full of instructions but I'm still confused. My questions:

1. With the latest Qt is it possible to compile statically for Qt (so that the Mac running the application does not need to have Qt installed)? I found this, are these the best instructions: http://doc.qt.digia.com/main-snapshot/install-mac.html
2. Or perhaps I should make a a bundle and zip it up and then transfer it to the new computer. I believe I have these instructions (http://blog.ivandemarino.me/2011/04/28/Need-to-ship-your-Qt-app-for-Mac-Bundle-it-up). In this case the other Mac has to have Qt installed, right?
3. For static compilation to work, do I need to build Qt statically from source? Do I need to build the same way for the bundling-up option? Who would ever (and why) simply install Qt on Mac and not build it?
4. When I build Qt for Mac, how do I achieve that it doesn't only work for the superuser but for anyone.

Thanks a lot. Any hints are much appreciated!