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20th January 2013, 21:48

I’m currently developing an application which uses QCA and QCA-OSSL. It always works on Linux, several friends tried it. It also works well on my Windows system. But when I’m giving the binaries and the corresponding dll’s to other people, QCA-OSSL doesn’t work and

QCA::isSupported("pkey")gives ‘false’, which is a problem because I use RSA which relies on pkey.

Any ideas on how to solve this ?
Thank you in advance,

21st January 2013, 04:07
Have you deployed the OpenSSL DLL with your application? Is it somewhere that QCA can find it to load it?

21st January 2013, 19:47
The people who tested it installed OpenSSL from here (http://slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html), and so did I, so I really don't understand...

21st January 2013, 22:56
The installers at that site place the library into the Windows system directory, and hence on the PATH, only if directed: did you?
The libraries must match the 32- or 64-bit nature of the program binary (not the Windows version) also.

21st January 2013, 23:33
The binary is 32 bits, and so is the version we both installed. And we both kept the default parameters of the installer, so I don't see why our installations would be different.

26th January 2013, 19:25
Do you have any idea ?