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23rd January 2013, 14:48

I want to developed a software with serial port comunication (a USB-RS232 cabke will be connected in the PC (USB) and in a uController (RS232)).

Actually I did this quite a few times in the past using a little bit old version of QSerialDevice, so my problem is not about the connection itself. My doubt is about which avaliable lib around is the best. I know of

QExtSerialPort (http://code.google.com/p/qextserialport/);
QSerialPort (http://gitorious.org/inbiza-labs/qserialport),
QSerialDevice (https://gitorious.org/qserialdevice),
QtSerialPort (http://qt-project.org/wiki/QtSerialPort) and this
Qt Serial Port Driver (http://sourceforge.net/projects/qspd/),

but I have no idea which is best, that is, for my app: I need to build a 'validator' that will compare data received from two different parts of a system and I must check 1) if the data is the same in both parts and 2) the system's latency and other time-quality issues. So I need a lib that gives me 100% guarantee that the data received was that it presented me and that is really fast, and I know little about the options.

So could somebody please give me a hint on this?



23rd January 2013, 16:46
QtSerialPort - it is a better case

23rd January 2013, 16:50
... said its author :D

23rd January 2013, 19:05
Yes, it's lobbying interests. :)

And to be honest, I'm right: QtSerialPort - is better on current time.
Just, ot everyone knows about it library, all the "by inertia" using QextSerialPort, which is much inferior...

24th January 2013, 07:38
I'm using QextSerialPort since 4 years. Now version 1.2 RC. I see no reason why I should change the library to QtSerialPort.