View Full Version : Strange QFileDialog static methods behavior while debugging in Qt Creator

29th January 2013, 07:12
A simple call to QFileDialog:::getOpenFileName or QFileDialog:::getSaveFileName methods get stuck while debugging in Qt Creator. I tried checking stack. The stack is even more baffling:

0 KiFastSystemCallRet ntdll 0x77987094
1 RtlEncodeSystemPointer ntdll 0x779a06ea
2 RtlGetCurrentTransaction ntdll 0x779a4d03
3 RtlQueryEnvironmentVariable_U ntdll 0x779a4fdf
4 RtlQueryEnvironmentVariable_U ntdll 0x779a4f65
5 RtlEncodeSystemPointer ntdll 0x779a0bbd
6 strcmpi ntdll 0x779a56ee
7 RtlQueryEnvironmentVariable_U ntdll 0x779a4fdf
8 RtlQueryEnvironmentVariable_U ntdll 0x779a4f65
9 RtlEncodeSystemPointer ntdll 0x779a0bbd
10 strcmpi ntdll 0x779a56ee
11 RtlQueryEnvironmentVariable_U ntdll 0x779a4fdf
12 RtlQueryEnvironmentVariable_U ntdll 0x779a4f65
13 RtlEncodeSystemPointer ntdll 0x779a0bbd
14 LdrUnlockLoaderLock ntdll 0x779a03f1
15 LdrLoadDll ntdll 0x779a22b2
16 FreeLibrary KERNELBASE 0x75d08c19
17 DllCanUnloadNow TortoiseStub32 0x701a584e
18 DllGetClassObject TortoiseStub32 0x701a58c8
19 TortoiseOverlays 0x708e1844

Can anybody kindly explain what is happening here?

Thank you.


29th January 2013, 15:27
The native system file dialog is being called. There is no Qt code here.

30th January 2013, 07:32
Thank you wysota! :)

Just to clear one more thing. If call to
QFileDialog:::getOpenFileName is commented things work fine. But when uncommented there is a sure stuck up! Why?

30th January 2013, 10:43
No idea. I don't really understand what you mean by "stuck up".