View Full Version : Custom Style and Qt Designer 3

23rd January 2007, 00:29
I have been having trouble integrating a custom class with QDesigner. While I can get it to load up in the list of styles, whenever I choose to preview a form or UI with my custom style, Qt designer crashes. I searched around the forum to see if anyone else is having that problem, but the only other user is using Qt 4 (I presume).

What could be causing this? Am I forgetting to reimplement something? Testing my new style on an app is fine, but not Designer.

23rd January 2007, 00:39
Ah! Found the solution...

In the create() function for my style plugin implementation file, an instance of the new style was never returned. Commenting out the check for the key parameter has helped, but I think the better solution would be to rewrite it. :)