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3rd February 2013, 18:27
Hi, has anyone gotten vexcl (https://github.com/ddemidov/vexcl) to work with Qt?
I am able to compile the vexcl examples with cmake and run them successfully, but when compiling with qt/qmake the same program crashes on startup. Does anyone have experience with this?

Regards, Ivar

3rd February 2013, 22:22
How can it be the same program if one version uses Qt and the other version doesn't? Whether you use cmake or qmake to compile and link it is irrelevant.

9th February 2013, 18:45
After some communication with the developer of vexcl I made it work. It turned out to be that the cl.hpp file supplied by AMD was not working with vexcl, while the cl.hpp file supplied with vexcl did work.When using qmake the AMD file was used, while the one supplied with vexcl was used when using cmake. We also fixed some minor bugs/issues for using vexcl with AMD, so everything works fine now. Note that one should use boost 1.53, I think there were some problems when using boost 1.52.

10th February 2013, 18:35
So the issue had nothing to do with Qt, it was a qmake configuration issue.

Thanks for the pointer to VexCL - I was not aware of this library and can probably make use of it.