View Full Version : Show virtual keyboard in Windows 8

4th February 2013, 20:09

we have an ASUS windows 8 tablet (Vivo Tab) which is nice since we can use Qt on it.
the problem is that there is no key to get the virtual keyboard (like on an older asus tablet where
there is an hardware key). how can we request the virtual keyboard to be shown?
we used to start TipTab.exe and it works on a Win 7 machine but we did not get the process
started on Win 8.
any ideas?

best regards,

we use VS2008, Qt 4.8.2 Win 7/Win 8

4th February 2013, 21:30
Please tak a look on this presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTEMkDZxpaw
You can define transparent bar and virtual keyboard will appear after tap (click).

4th February 2013, 23:10
thanx for the link but there is no virtual keyboard shown in this video?
what i need is how i have the built in virtual keyboard to show up. the keyboard is not
shown when a qlineedit gets the focus so i have to force the kboard to appear.