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8th February 2013, 16:25
Hi! it's my first post!
I was trying to lead out with a problem but i haven't got the solution yet!

I was trying to find a way to do this kind of navegation control on QT

Has someone any idea about which way should i have to take?

Regards! :)

PD: i'm programming in python, with PySide, but it doesn't mother i can adapt C++ Code!

Santosh Reddy
8th February 2013, 18:16
If you are looking to have a multiple pages and navigate back and forth between them, then look at QWizard and QWizardPage

8th February 2013, 18:37
Thanks for your quick reply!
Well, not that at all, i was thinking more about the control it self, i mean, the 2 rounded buttons and the down arrow. that control is native from windows vista, windows 7, and used in lot of aplications. i would like to be able to include it in some place of my application... i want to find the way to include it throw QT, but i don't event know its name to search about in the microsoft developers docs

9th February 2013, 15:14
See QToolBar, QToolBar::setMenu() and QToolBar::setPopupMode()


9th February 2013, 18:01
Thanks but i am talking about the look and feel, I am trying to release that exactly control as it looks.

10th February 2013, 20:12
Then do a screen capture of the button from whatever application has it, edit it to mask out whatever you don't like in your favorite icon editor, and then set it as the icon for a pushbutton on the toolbar.