View Full Version : Simple text editor with QT designer Tutorial

23rd January 2007, 15:03
I want to create simple text editor with the help of QT Designer.Is there any tutorial or the example file/location/URL available? Or anyone can explain me how to do it?

Please help.Thanks in advance.

26th January 2007, 10:59
I cannot find any tutorial doing exactly what you are after, but this tutorial shows how it is done in code:


And if you use Designer to create the main window, toolbars, menus, actions, icon resources and so on combined with the single inheritance method the tools will work nicely together:


Here are some good starting points to the work to be done in Designer. Just make sure that you use Actions for menu entries and tool bar buttons.


27th January 2007, 14:33
Thanks for the reply some of the errors are removed just by simply uninstalling and reinstalling the mingw & QT while this text editor thing i have to work on my own.

if i succeed in it then i'll post the tutorial if not please somebody from here post the tuorial and make it available from the Trolltechs official site.

And last but not least thanks.

Overcast :)