View Full Version : QSqlQuery update query not working using SQLite

9th February 2013, 12:01
Hi, I don't know why my QSqlquery update query is not working. I've already created the database with a filled table. Select querys work so i can read data but it seems im unable to write to it.I'm using Linux Kubuntu 12.10 and I can't seem to change the permissions on the file which i think may be the issue but does anyone have any tutorials or guides/walkthroughs i could look at that are for QT + SQLITE only?

9th February 2013, 12:15
How does the update querry look like? Have you check the error which is returned? Normally it is quite self-explanatory.

29th March 2013, 01:33
Got it now thanks it was a syntax error haha!