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23rd January 2007, 15:11
I have installled qt (Open source current release ) on the windows XP ,while installing it asks for the Mingw directory,when i provide the path to that directory,an error prompts and said

"Compatibilty error The g++ version required is 3.4.2 (detected 3.4.1) w32api.h" This may cause the compatibility problem.

But when i checked the command line for version it prompted as "3.4.5" which i guess should be compatible.By the way i have installed the mingw by checking the installation instructions in the Mingw's wiki page.It worked fine and my c++ programs work but QT installation causes error.

I dont know what that means,how it affected the QT,When Tried to run the command line utility of "QT 4.2.2 Build debug release",It failed and it brings out the long list of error as shown in short below:

project.cpp: At global scope:
project.cpp:2494: error: expected `,' or `...' before '&' token
project.cpp:2495: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `QString' with no type
project.cpp:2495: error: redefinition of `bool QMakeProject::test(int)'
project.cpp:2488: error: `bool QMakeProject::test(int)' previously defined here
project.cpp:2495: confused by earlier errors, bailing out
mingw32-make: *** [project.o] Error 1
Building qmake failed, return code 2

mingw32-make: *** No rule to make target `debug'. Stop.

I dont know how to sort the things out now,Please help me to set up the QT envirement.If you wat please help me step by step.

Please help.thanks in advance.

26th January 2007, 11:02
Could it be that your mingw is a good version, but your Windows headers (the file that you refered to) is older?

27th January 2007, 14:36
Yes problem is solved i just installed the Mingw again with diffrent path in envirement variable & installed the QT again.it works.I think ur are right the windows heade ris old,but i didn't find any new version so if you know other stable version of MIngw then please let me know.